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Parliamentary Practice in British Columbia (5th Edition)

Parliamentary Practice in British Columbia (5th Edition)

This fifth edition includes updated Standing Orders that were amended or added since the last publication of this book in 2008. It also reflects recent changes in parliamentary practice, most of which derive from decisions of Speakers on the application of the Legislative Assembly’s rules and procedures.

Organized into 18 thematic chapters, the fifth edition features expanded content and commentary, including new text on the roles and work of Members, the foundational elements of parliamentary procedure, voting and divisions, the legislative process, financial procedures and parliamentary privilege. New commentary describing the administrative operations of the Assembly and the machinery that supports the work of elected representatives and the work of our democratic institution of Parliament is also included.

While this book serves as an authoritative procedural guide, it also contributes more broadly to further transparency and understanding of the operations of the Legislative Assembly. As such, it is a valuable and comprehensive guide for all those interested in the study of parliamentary, political and democratic life in British Columbia.

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March 4, 2020
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